Prague Summer Schools are weeklong academic programs, organized annually by SCHOLA EMPIRICA, a Prague-based NGO. Our summer schools cover a broad range of disciplines within social sciences including European politics, economics, psychology, education, or behavioral sciences and focus on current developments using state-of-the-art research. Our aim is to contribute to an understanding of crucial contemporary challenges while fostering the international dialogue.

The Prague Summer Schools were launched in 2004 when the first summer program on the future of Europe was organized in Prague. Today SCHOLA EMPIRICA organizes six programs on various topics. To date, Prague Summer Schools have brought over 1000 students from universities all over the world to discuss different issues of our changing world.

SCHOLA EMPIRICA is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, registered in the Czech Republic (Registration nr. IC: 26645726) and educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Education.

Established in 2003 to support independent applied social research in the Czech Republic, SCHOLA EMPIRICA soon became an important platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences between Czech and international experts in a wide spectrum of applied social sciences. Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, SCHOLA EMPIRICA strives to seek and implement innovative solutions to problems in the areas of public services and selected policies. The organization conducts its own research on selected social issues and contributes to transfer of best international practices to the Czech environment.

Throughout the years, SCHOLA EMPIRICA has designed, run and implemented a dozens of projects, funded, among others, by the European Commission and the Visegrad Fund. On-going research and action projects are carried out within three areas: education, civil society and social work.