What is an Online DSG2020 Course about?

The Online Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization (Online DSG2020) is a 5-day digital learning experience designed for students of different backgrounds (international relations, developmental and environmental studies, life sciences), who wish to get a multidisciplinary perspective on development in a globally interdependent world and to gain the knowledge that will enable you to become a future pioneer of socially and environmentally sustainable development. During this Online Course students will get a 360 degree overview of the Summer School: DSG2020 program while getting acquainted with international faculty of academics and their teaching methods as well as exchanging the ideas with the students from all over the world and expanding the professional network.

What’s the aim of the Online DSG2020 Course?

It aims to enrich the discussion on the new tasks for global development. The program is conceptualized within a broad framework, as the study of development challenges cannot discern, for instance, the debate on food production and consumption in both developed and developing countries from the debate on environmental impact of development or existing institutional arrangements based on political negotiations and multilateral cooperation. The program will provide students with a deeper understanding of development challenges by addressing political, economic, technological and environmental aspects related to development cooperation.

Who can attend the course?

The Online DSG2020 Course is designed for undergraduate, graduate students, recent graduates and young professionals who wish to deepen and broaden their knowledge in such fields as life sciences, developmental and environmental studies, international relations.

When the Online DSG2020 Course is scheduled?

The Online DSG2020 Course will be held from July 6th (Monday) to July 10th (Friday), 2020. The Final Schedule of the Online DSG2020 Course and the access to the Online Learning platform will be provided to all registered and confirmed students via email.

How much time should I expect to spend working on Online Course each day?

You should expect spending from 2 to 4 hours per day working on the DSG2020 Online Course, Lectures, Live Sessions and Quizzes included.

What’s the Online Course fee?

The DSG2020 Online Course is free of charge.

However, being one of the most popular PSS programs Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization has been quite numerous in the last years. To keep the quality of the course high, the number of spots in the DSG2020 Online Course is limited. Students should submit the registration form as soon as possible, as acceptance to the course will be made on a rolling basis.

What can I expect from this Online Course?

Due to flexibility the PSS2020 Online Course provides many students to enjoy being involved in new learning experiences with the opportunity to connect from anywhere and at the same time not to be stressed or overscheduled. During this Online Course each participant will:

  • get acquainted with the PSS2020 Team and fellow students from all over the world;
  • get involved into discussions with academics from Ireland, the Netherlands and US Universities;
  • get a multidisciplinary perspective on development in a globally interdependent world.
  • exchange ideas, questions and knowledge working along with others in groups;
  • expand professional network and develop beneficial partnerships;
  • be able to watch the course offline by getting the exclusive access to the recorded modules;

How can I apply for the DSG2020 Online Course?

You can apply simply by filling in our usual Online Application Form HERE:
We will get in touch with every applicant individually regarding the status of the application. Students, who have already been accepted to the Summer School 2020, will receive the preference in the registration to the on-line course.

What’s the Deadline for the Applications?

The Deadline for applications is May 31st, 2020. Please be aware that the last-minute applications won’t be considered due to organizational reasons.

Course Curriculum

This Online course will fully introduce the scope of Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization with a particular focus on diverse topics chosen by the leading lecturers. Here you can access the DSG2020 Program Syllabus HERE.

DSG2020 Faculty

Killian Stokes

UCD School of Business, Ireland

Killian Stokes is an award-winning social entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in fundraising, business development and communications within the tech and not for profit worlds. He has worked across Europe, America, Africa and Asia for a broad range of organisations – from tech start ups to international aid agencies – and has networked and engaged globally at senior management, founder and CEO level.
Killian has a passion, energy and curiosity for harnessing the power of business and innovation to end global poverty and tackle climate change.
Killian lectures part time on Business and Development at the Quinn School of Business in UCD.
Killian holds a Bachelors in business and economics from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in International Relations from Dublin City University. Killian is the cofounder of MyGoodPoints.org (2009) and MoyeeCoffeeIreland (2016) and currently lectures on Business and Global Development at the Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin.

Lisa Trogisch,

Researcher and PhD Candidate, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Lisa is a PhD student at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands, one of the leading universities on life sciences and environmental sustainability worldwide. She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations with focus on Sub-Sahara Africa from Ludwig-Maximilians-Univeristät, Germany, and University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia. In September 2015 she finished her MSc Political Economy of Violence, Conflict and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. For her Master thesis “A human-gorilla dichotomy? A political ecology analysis of conservation and local development in the case study of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park” (with distinction) she conducted primary research in Uganda gaining qualitative data to examine the conflict between mountain gorilla conservation measures and the situation of the local population. Subsequently she was the producer of a documentary for the Canadian film company Loud Roar Productions depicting the critical situation of the Batwa people in Uganda who have been evicted from the National Park. Her PhD project seeks to analyse the contested concept of a ‘Peace Park’ straddling Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo – a region infamously holding the title of “Africa’s World War”. Lisa currently works in the International Climate Initiative dealing with projects merging biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing and emerging economies.

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