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Prague Spring Schools (Online)

Enrich your spring break by deepening your knowledge, meeting new people, and broadening your horizons in a 5 – day PSS Online Course.

Prague Summer School on Crime, Law & Psychology

Discover how the application of psychological knowledge and research methods may improve criminal justice.

Prague Summer School on Behavioral Economics & Psychology

Understand better how seemingly irrelevant factors influence our decisions.

Prague Summer School on Development, Sustainability & Globalization

How can we leverage global opportunities for local development while maintaining sustainability?

Prague Summer School on Conscious Business: from Greed to Sustainability

How capitalism and business can evolve to become profitable solutions to solve the environmental and human problems of our time?

Prague Summer School on China: A World Superpower – Myth or Reality

Let’s look into a puzzle of Chinese domestic politics, economy and position in the current world order.

Prague Summer School on Education: The Future of School

Find out more about new trends in teaching and challenges for current education systems. What is going on and we actually need?









Prague Summer Schools

For over eighteen years Prague Summer Schools have been bringing talented students from all over the world to the beautiful city of Prague for intensely academic week-long courses. Selected international faculty of academics and practitioners turn each summer school into a working space where concrete aspects of important social, economic, and political problems are tackled. Our aim is to contribute to an understanding of crucial contemporary challenges thereby fostering dialogue and exchange of ideas across borders and cultures.

Beautiful Prague

is often called “the Golden City” or “the City of a Hundred Spires.” Charles the IV made Prague the crown jewel of Europe when he became the Holy Roman Emperor … Read more