The purpose of education is not creating solutions, but creating movement in education in which people develop their own solutions with external support based on the personalized curriculum.“

Ken Robinson, Internationally Acclaimed Expert on Creativity and Innovation

Education was and still continues to be the mediator to a better life: wealth, equality, humanity, and peace. Achieving education is believed to promote integration and emancipation, end discrimination and prejudice, and solve the challenges of the future.

However, the current political, economic and social developments of the world have proven that current education is not powerful enough to guarantee the happiness for all and every one of us. Moreover, the education system itself has been constantly changing.  Educational institutions found themselves in permanent reforms trying to catch up with the rapidly changing world.

In educational circles, some question the relevance of current approaches. When the internet offers information at the click of a mouse, what’s the point of education and pedagogy? Under the pressure of maintaining high performance, education has been reduced to securing tested skills as an end in itself. Education is no longer for the purpose of developing a vision of ourselves and of the society we would like to live in.

To redress the balance a bit, this Summer School proposes a vision of education capable of promoting young people’s distinctive powers of thought and action, a platform for a robust exchange of views on some of the biggest issues (e.g. How to effectively help those most vulnerable.) facing our world at a time when it is desperately needed.

The sessions will enable students to learn key concepts and issues surrounding the educational topics and give them a broad and international perspective on education.

The Summer School builds upon robust continental European intellectual traditions of encouraging young people to espouse ideas and embrace their role as public intellectuals.


The Summer School will address the issues of effective teaching and mediating knowledge in the current world. We will investigate what is the role of the teacher starting from the early days to the lifelong learning processes; it will explore the new trends in teaching and look into their effectiveness. We will also examine how other social agents – parents, tutors and peers – (may) contribute to the education process.

The program will therefore enable students to learn key concepts and discuss critical issues surrounding the field, eventually providing them with a broad, international perspective on current discussion on education. Visit ACADEMICS to find out more about the program.

Program History

Since 2003 Prague Summer Schools brought to Prague more than a thousand outstanding students from all over the World for an intensive academic week to learn and discuss various topics. The Prague Summer School on Education: The Future of School was launched in 2013. Witnessing that the World is changing much more faster than the formal educational system we decided it is worthy to address the issue in much more detail and enable interested students to discuss the future of school. Since its foundation the Summer School has attracted several dozens of students to Prague.

Founders Word

ab_havrdovaDear Students and Colleagues,

It is difficult to see an unambiguous goal of learning in the current world, because there are no objective indicators of successful academic achievement related to the success of professional career, wealth and happiness. The purpose of it is hidden in ourselves; in the development of our personal abilities. What can one gain from the process of learning is very much related to the personal capabilities to utilize the information for the good of oneself.

While working on the education projects at SCHOLA EMPIRICA in Prague I have experienced different views to education based on various experiences of people involved in teaching and learning. I have been trying to pose and answer questions as to what could be the efficient teaching strategies for children and adults, why some of the young people opt out of the education, how to bring them back, what are the important educational topics for the current world, how to promote social, emotional learning, and collaboration, how to relate creativity to the educational experience, how to fascinate children by learning, how to learn by exploring the world around us and relating it to our own selves…

These and many other questions we will have to answer while searching for the future educational strategies, which will support mutual respect, cooperation, leadership, personal integrity, values of diversity and conflict resolution.

In the citation from the values of Blue School based in New York City, one can see the future vision of education:

“From their connection to the environment to their relationships to different cultures, the students have opportunities to discover who they are and recognize other perspectives, building a strong connection to self and others.”

It is with great pleasure, that I invite you to join this important discussion and to share your visions on the future of teaching and learning, which every oneof us is a part of.
Egle Havrdova, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Prague Summer Schools


“I really liked the organization of the program, everything was amazing.”

Alumnus of Summer School on Education 2017

“I was very pleased with the organization and the lectures I attended”

Alumnus of Summer School on Education 2015

 “Great balance between classes and site visits, good and comfortable accommodation. Great line up of lectures.”

Alumnus of Summer School on Education 2014


The classes will be held at the Prague Summer Schools venue (Marianeum, Machova 7, Vinohrady, Prague 2, website). Accommodation will be provided to students in double rooms at the accommodation facilities in the venue or Hotel Ametyst which is located within a walking distance from the venue. Each room is equipped with a shower, WC, satellite TV, Internet connection and telephone. Meals are provided by the organizer and will include breakfasts served at the hotel and dinners in restaurants located nearby the Summer School venue. As the days are demanding, there will be coffee, tea, and small snack available which is included during the breaks between lectures.

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