Students will be staying in double rooms at the accommodation facilities located at venue of the Prague Summer Schools or Hotel Ametyst, both ten minutes from the Prague city centre. The Hotels are situated in Vinohrady, a beautiful part of Prague, next to the historical heart of the city. Students will have an easy access to the Old Town by inexpensive metropolitan transport system (bus, tram or metro) or by taxi. Each room is equipped with a shower, WC, satellite TV, Internet connection and telephone.


Meals provided by the organizer will include breakfasts served at the hotel and dinners at the restaurant located nearby the Summer School venue. Students will be responsible for their own lunches and can choose from many options. There are numerous McDonalds, KFCs, and other fast food restaurants here, as well as other international cuisines. But we recommend you to try traditional Czech food, which is delicious and reasonably priced (an average lunch meal with main dish, side dish, drink, and tip costs around 5 EUR). A variety of dining options surround the venue and there is a number of excellent restaurants in the city. There are also grocery stores located nearby the hotel.

Social and Cultural Events

As a Prague Summer Schools  participants, students will also be granted opportunities to attend unique events around the city of Prague. A tour of Prague with experienced guides will take students around the main historical and architectural attractions of the city. This three hour walking tour offers the first exposure to the city and provides an insight on what Prague has to offer.

Students will have a possibility to choose, how to spend their free day in Prague among three options:

  • Homeless Prague Tour”- organized by Praguilic- an alternative and inspiring guiding company who uses social entrepreneurship to change the public opinion of the homeless and make it easier for people without homes to return to ordinary social life.
  • Trips outside Prague – UNESCO heritage city of Kutna Hora or Karlštejn Castle. Kutna Hora became one of the richest towns of the Bohemian Kingdom in the Middle Ages and the former wealth is today reflected in the variety of architectural monuments. Karlštejn Castle was founded by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia and served as a place for safekeeping royal treasures. Today Karlštejn village with its ancient castle is one of the most famous sightseeings.
  • Dali, Warhol or Mucha Exhibition  – visit Galery of Art Prague and get acquainted with the most famous art masters of the world.
  • Zoo – spend the day in the best fourth Zoo in the world. It offers its visitors 12 pavilions, where they can become familiar with the variety of species of the animal kingdom, the popular Indonesian Jungle, African House, Gorilla Pavilion, Feline Pavilion, Elephant Valley, Hippo Pavilion, etc.

Students will have time to socialize and interact with one another. Participants should look forward to special dinners and gatherings. These special events include a traditional Czech pub dinner, a boat tour on Vltava River, “Happy Hour,” and a farewell dinner. These social events will enable students to get to know each other better, start new friendships and enjoy their week in Prague to its fullest potential.


Address of the Prague Summer Schools venue: Marianeum, Machova 7, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady, website.

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