Our Programs

The Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge about the application of psychological approaches and research methods in the processes and practices of the criminal justice system. Courses on eyewitness testimony, false and recovered memories, identification evidence and the legal process, wrongful convictions and false confessions will enable students to understand the importance of scientific knowledge in order to avoid biased court procedures and unjust sentences. The students will listen to leading international professors and engage in interactive debates with guest lectures, practitioners and fellow students.

The Prague Summer School on Behavioral Economics and Psychology brings to students of various backgrounds the state-of-art research on behavioral aspects of decision-making and experimental psychology. The program provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about the implications of behavioral research for policy making as well as its practical application to the realm of organizational management. In order to better understand research methods, the participants will design and conduct their own experiments under the supervision of the lecturers, and present their results to other participants.

The Prague Summer School on Development, Sustainability and Globalization aims to enrich the discussion on most relevant aspects of continued globalization and the challenges arising for global development. The program is conceptualized within a broad framework, as the study of development challenges cannot discern, for instance, the debate on food production and consumption in both developed and developing countries from the debate on environmental impacts of development or existing institutional arrangements based on political negotiations and multilateral cooperation. Continued globalization, climate change, migratory movements and forced displacement, in turn, need to be taken into account in any serious discussion on how to provide sustainable development, protect human livelihoods, societal cohesion, and guaranteeing functioning institutions. Our program will provide students with deeper understanding of different facets of development and related challenges by addressing the political, socio-economic, technological and environmental aspects related to development cooperation.

The Prague Summer School on China: A World Superpower – Myth or Reality? deals with Chinese domestic politics and economy and Beijing’s foreign policy and position in the current world order. Upon finishing the program, students will ideally have gained a clear picture as to China’s capabilities as well as weaknesses and should understand what is the ‘Beijing consensus’, where the People`s Republic of China is headed and what China’s superpower ambitions will mean for other states, near and far alike.

The Prague Summer School on Education: The Future of School invites students to discuss the ideas around current issues in education with faculty members, academics, researchers, professionals, as well as fellow students of various academic and cultural backgrounds. We will exchange ideas and seek answers to the questions, such as: What is the purpose of education in the modern world and how should the modern education system look like? How can schools adapt to the rapid growth of information technologies and shifting economic, political and social systems? What will be the role of the teacher in modern educational system? And what skills are to be taught in the current world?

The Prague Summer Schools