Prague Summer Schools: Development, Sustainability, and Globalization

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It is easy to speak about these three topics individually when it is about a comparative
discussion amongst regions, nationalities, industries, diversities, etc, but what makes this
discussion worthwhile is when we are able to establish a constructive connection between

Addressing multiple challenges in global development and whether these hurdles are
overcome by sustainable means is what we will closely cover in our summer programme of
Development, Sustainability, and Globalization at Prague Summer Schools. Some
participants join us for consecutive summers, which is why we ensure that the modules we
cover every year are different from the previous years. Over the past few years, we have
covered topics like climate change, migratory movements, forced displacement, and
consequences of exploitation in industries like coffee plantations, tea plantations, etc.
Our participants’ record include 47+ nationalities which has continuously allowed us to tap
on unique mindsets, opinions, and facts. The discussions led by esteemed professors are
always supported by arguments and debates initiated during the lectures. This summer
school in Prague renders a new view point about problems that could stem from one region
but can impact on a bigger level.
Quoting testimonials from our DSG alumni-
“The learnings in this programme helped me become mindful of using and wasting natural
resources because I learnt the impact of it on larger population”
“The case studies in the DSG programme at Prague Summer Schools presented a
microcosm for bigger issues in the world”
“The lecturer from American University not only brought in key insights from one of the
superpowers in the world, but was keen and receptive to critical views on the same”
“I not only gathered a new insight of how multi dimensional these terms are, but I am also
able to implement new strategies at my job”
We take a lot of pride in creating positive mind shifts and Prague Summer School stands to
be one of the most prestigious summer schools in the Czech Republic. Know more about the
DSG program here and join us this summer.
July 1- July 8 2023

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