Prague Summer Schools: Letter by a Pakistani participant

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“It’s been three years ever since I moved to Amsterdam and joined the national University as
an Asst. Professor in the field of atomic research. Coming from Pakistan, there was a
cultural shock in many ways because European stands out to be modern in more ways than
one. With my teaching experience becoming mundane over time, I was curious to deep dive
into new methods of learning vis-a-vis teaching.

Thanks to my peers who are fellow alumni of Prague Summer Schools that they apprised
me of this prestigious summer school in Prague. I was more than happy to find out that they
have a programme listed on their website wherein the module more or less covered
everything that I was looking for. Not only the latest methodologies, but also the impact of
social agents- peers, parents, tutors, who aid education in multiple dimensions.

Since Prague is only a short flight away from Amsterdam, it wasn’t a difficult commitment for
me to make. Taking out one week from my schedule was exactly the kind of break I needed.
The best part about getting enrolled in this programme was fellow participants. My
programme out of all had the most diverse population, there were students from India,
Poland, Italy, Argentina, Austria, and eight more countries. These participants also came
from different walks of life, some were in their sophomore year while some also had a kid
back home. It was very refreshing to learn about their past experiences, professional
learnings, and everything in between.

Education: The Future of School was one programme that was able to summarise important
aspects of how education could heavily impact and build the future, and at the same time is
the strongest means of establishing a great foundation for anyone.
As we mention on the course description, this summer programme at the Prague Summer
School is surrounded by the beauty of Prague, wherein we exchange ideas and seek
answers to the questions:

■ What is the main purpose of education in the modern world?
■ What are the main characteristics of the modern approach to education?
■ What is the role of the teacher in the modern educational system?
■ What skills are to be taught in today’s rapidly changing world?
■ How can schools adapt to the rapid technological advances, structural changes of the economy and shake ups of political and social systems?

■ To gain a critical perspective on how the future of education should develop
■ To further engage in the academic debate on how should the modern education
system look like and what would its main characteristics be
■ To meet new friends from different parts of the world and explore the magnificence of
Prague, one of the most beautiful cultural and historical capitals in Europe
For a future that is well-ingrained with quality education and to obtain the capacity to impart
the same, we advise participants with interest or career into this to participate in this
interesting programme at the Prague Summer Schools.

Apply now.

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