Student´s Experiences

It’s hard to think of just one positive moment of Summer school, because it was an amazing experience as a whole! I was really inspired by lecturers who were so passionate about the work they’re doing, and of course meeting all of you and other amazing people who are still my friends and we hear from each other regularly.
Elena Nikolic
This is Fred, the three-time PSS alumni! Where do I begin? There is no single most positive moment, because the entire week was an unending series of positive moments! The learning in classes, meeting fellow students, the excursion on the free day (I visited Vysehrad in 2022, Karlstejn castle in 2018 and Kutna Hora in 2014), the evening river cruise, the farewell dinner, the iconic beauty of Prague were all major highlights. It was a special highlight to be invited to briefly address everyone at the 2022 farewell dinner.
Fred Slocum
I enjoyed the whole learning and adventurous atmosphere at PSS where I got the rarest opportunity to engage with intellectual and curious minds from all over the world. Some of the lectures were enlightening and widened my academic perspective further. I experienced the city in surprisingly different lenses and soaked myself in the lustre of the way of life in Prague, thanks to all the cultural activities organised by PSS. Paolo, Luci and Eliška who coordinated the summer school program made this experience an unforgettable one for life by offering their invaluable friendship and warmth throughout my journey in Prague!
Kishore Sivakumar
The programme was great because there were many cultural events! Meeting students from other countries was great! The location is great too! I would like to come to Prague Summer School again:-))))
Margarita Spijksma
Hello, Eliška! I have to commend the organisation for a wide range of extracurricular activities. I think what was most impressive was our free day visit to the National museum, as well as being shown the underbelly of Prague by a member of the organisation which helps homeless people and those struggling with addiction.
Milena Ivanovic
I think that the strongest positive moment of PSS was when we each shared something interesting about ourselves, and supported and gave amazing responses to our fellow peers. It was a wonderful moment because people from all over the world with completely different cultures are bonded together by PSS and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.
Sara Chak
With every day giving me a new learning curve, I am particularly struck by the day of farewell that culminated my experience beautifully. The evening made me realise that we as humans don’t need months or years to connect emotionally with people, sometimes a short and great conversation is enough. PSS 2022 gave me a chance to bond with some amazing people across the globe and the night of farewell filled me with gratitude, nostalgia, love, and fulfilment when I reflected on my experience in that one wholesome week. I’d call that my strongest positive moment.
Srishti Bansal
PSS helped me gain more insight on a field I was interested in since I was very young, and I believe the lectures will help me with my future endeavours with the field. I learned a lot of new things. Besides the academic part, I loved the culture and the food of Czech people. Prague was a beautiful city with so much to see and do. I’d definitely visit again with no doubt. My best memories from Prague remain in the city landmarks, such as the Prague Castle and the Astronomical Clock.
Dua Zhjeqi

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