Discovering the Joys of Learning While Traveling: My Prague Experience

This summer, my teaching career and passion for travel converged in a remarkable adventure in Prague. Seeking innovative educational methods, I opted for Prague  Summer Schools known for its unique study program Education: The Future of School. The experience not only deepened my love for teaching but also proved how travel and education can beautifully intertwine.

The Charm of Prague

Prague’s picturesque streets and rich history make it more than just a travel destination; it’s a vibrant classroom. In Prague, the city itself became a teacher, offering lessons in history, art, and culture that textbooks could never match. This journey reaffirmed my belief in experiential learning as a powerful tool for engaging students. Through meeting people from different backgrounds and seeing the historical monuments I was inspired to allow travelling even my students, seeing history with their own eyes and escaping the monotony of traditional teaching methods will allow them to remember all.

Unconventional Learning

Disenchanted with rote learning, I was drawn to the summer school’s dynamic learning environment. This hands-on approach transformed my understanding of effective teaching, proving that learning can and should be individual and diverse. I had an opportunity to discuss and try practically all I learned. My favourite was the part about children with special needs and how to approach them in education.

Bringing Insights Home

Returning home, I was inspired to bring experiential learning into my own classroom, armed with innovative methods and a fresh perspective. This trip reinforced the idea that an individual approach to my students’ needs is possible, and we should get inspiration through discussion with different countries’ approaches.

I urge fellow educators and students to come to Prague Summer Schools to learn new points of view. The fusion of travel and learning is a transformative experience with boundless benefits.