Prague Summer Schools: Which programme is for you?

When you decide to pursue a summer exchange course, it could be challenging to identify which programme would be best suited for you. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while evaluating your decision.

      1. Field of study- your academic degree (pursuing or achieved) can help you set the foundation for what higher studies should entail. A student with a bachelor’s in psychology can look into modules that investigate this subject further. In case of Prague Summer Schools, enrolling in Crime, Law, and Psychology would beappropriate for such a candidate
      2. Interests- apart from the degree one is pursuing or has achieved, there are various other subjects one intends to study but either isn’t sure about how it will help them, or did not get enough opportunities to do so. In such cases, a student with a bachelor’sin psychology can instead look into programmes like Development: Sustainability vs Globalization . Such exposure would be a microcosm for the participant which would further aid their decision to pursue it further.
      3. Exposure- for people who are well-established in their careers or outside of that, an overseas programme could hold a larger-than-life meaning to their existence. This participation would not only entail academic credits, but also enhance their personality. Prague Summer School welcomes students from more than 15 nationalities every year and this allows all participants to mingle in diversity. Now when you have learnt about the indicators that could determine which programme would be best for you, here are the list of programmes that Prague Summer School is offering.

        Crime, Law and Psychology
        Behavioral Economics and Psychology
        Development: Sustainability vs. Globalization
        Education: The Future of School

    Once you have evaluated which course works best for you, we recommend you to apply now for this summer and spend the best time in the heart of Europe; Czech Republic.

    You can reach out to us via if you have any questions.