Prague Summer Schools what to expect?

The summer school is not just learning!

Prepare to embark on an epic summer adventure with Prague Summer Schools, where every day is packed with excitement and new discoveries! Start your journey with an engaging Orientation day, filled with ice-breaking activities to help you forge immediate connections with fellow students and organizers. Your first evening will feature a delightful Welcome Dinner, offering a taste of local cuisine while you exchange ideas with peers from around the globe.

As the days unfold, gear up for a fun night out at one of Prague’s famed pubs—your first drink is on us! It’s the perfect setting for lively conversations and perhaps a bit of dancing. To help you truly unwind and absorb the rich history and beauty of Prague, we’ve scheduled a Free Day with no planning required on your part. We’ll whisk you away to famous landmarks like Prague Castle or lesser-known gems, providing insights into the city’s culture and heritage.

Midweek brings an enlightening Guest Lecture, the theme is a surprise, but be sure to get some interesting facts. For a unique perspective on Prague, join our Pragulic Tour, led by those who have experienced the city’s darker sides, offering a profound understanding of social issues in a safe and organized manner.

As the program nears its end, relax and reflect on a scenic Boat Tour along the river. Enjoy the picturesque skyline and calming waters—a perfect backdrop for forming lasting memories. Finally, cap off your incredible week with a festive Farewell Dinner, celebrating traditional Czech culture with delicious food and drinks, sharing last moments with your new friends.

This is more than just a summer school—it’s a vibrant blend of education, cultural exploration, and unforgettable social experiences. Ready to enjoy a week of learning, adventure, and friendship? Prague awaits to offer you all this and much more in a summer you’ll never forget! Apply here