Reminiscing Prague Summer School 2022: An Indian student

“While I was scared of what a solo vacation in a foreign country would feel like, I knew I had to upscale my skill set at work and embark on a journey of personal development. I did not want my fears to pull me down in my early 20s so when I heard from my colleagues at work that some of them are alumni at Prague Summer School, I was instantly sold. 

    As a Brand and Communications Strategist for over 2 years now, I was always keen on being updated with global trends so as to implement that with diverse industries I work with. As soon as I got a chance to look into the Development, Sustainability, and Globalization programme at Prague Summer Schools, the modules matched my interest, hence I applied. What unfolded is just a miraculous history that I am reminiscing about. 

    As an Indian participant, I needed a Schengen Visa to enter Europe and the Prague Summer School organising team helped me thoroughly during this process. (For more information on what an international applicant needs to know, visit here) I booked my tickets from New Delhi to Prague and I was nicely welcomed at the airport with an easy transfer to the school venue. A 3-star hotel with all amenities and double occupancy room allowed me to mingle with fellow participants and engage in a fun ice-breaking session the same day. The following days had multiple activities planned for all of us. Students from all courses were taken together for sightseeing to beautiful sceneries of Prague and this promoted multi-cultural-diversity during the entire week. I personally loved the architecture and history of the Prague Castle and would go there again in a heartbeat. 

    What I still appreciate is that all lecturers in my course module were successful professors from esteemed universities in the USA. The fact that they brought in knowledge and experience from a global point of view certainly helped all participants engage in very fruitful discussions. Since the lectures were only one part of the summer school, other fragments had more interesting segments like Happy Hour and Boat Tour. Clinking glasses with new friends while sharing unique stories felt like eternal bliss. European wind in rustic streets is the cosiest breeze a nature lover would appreciate and these are the moments that stick with you for a lifetime. The boat tour was a private tour exclusively for Prague Summer School students and it was an epitome of scenic sightseeing. 

    By the end of this school, I had a lot of realisations, introspection, learnings, and what is the closest to my heart is the experience which was profoundly splendid. One could only dream to live so much in one week, but I was lucky to be a participant at one of the best summer school experiences in Europe that allowed me to become a better version of myself and obtain skills that will enhance my performance and confidence at work.”

    – Monica Bansal 23/ 04/ 2023