New Prague Summer Schools Venue!!!

This summer Prague Summer Schools is welcoming international students to its fresh, new venue. How do you picture an ideal summer school venue? We know studying can be very hard when the atmosphere isn´t comfortable, on the other hand when feeling good studying is easier. Therefore, PSS is finally moving to a new modern venue.

The modern classrooms are the core of the new venue, equipped with new technology for an engaging and dynamic learning experience. These innovations offer students a unique and immersive way to enjoy and learn interactively. More than just tech-upgraded spaces, the venue prioritizes comfortable learning environments. Common areas are designed to be both inviting for relaxation and conducive for vibrant discussions, enabling students from various backgrounds to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

With student well-being in mind, the venue includes amenities such as effective air conditioning, comfortable furniture etc. ensuring a cosy, healthy learning environment. These thoughtful features underscore the commitment to a balanced educational experience.

As the new venue stands ready, it invites you to a summer of discovery and learning in one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. The city centre is still easily accessible, just 15 minutes by tram and you can walk on Old Town Square or Charles Bridge.  Prague’s summer school now not only promises an enriching educational journey but also an inspiring experience in a modern, supportive setting. Embark on this unforgettable adventure, where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Let’s explore historical Prague and learn in a modern venue. Apply until May 1st!