Things you need to know about Prague Summer Schools

With nearly 20 years of experience, Prague Summer Schools is a widely recognised academic endeavour in the heart of Europe. With courses offered in five distinctive industries, Prague Summer Schools stands out with their intensive curriculum and wholesome experience.

Summer school as a provision is offered by various academic institutions or prestigious universities all over the world. What attracts people is the fact that it provides an opportunity that serves as a microcosm of a larger academic experience. This microcosm does not limit itself to only study modules, but also opens gateways to global exposure.

At Prague Summer School, as a part of Schola Empirica, we are competent enough to offer an environment that brings the best of all worlds together. We strive to curate a wonderful academic experience by amalgamating it with cultural diversity and all perks it brings along.

In the last 19 years of experience, we have brought together over 4500 students from more than 47 nationalities. We offer five programs every year and these courses are curated keeping in mind the most interesting subject matters. Our curriculum broadly covers practical areas so that an intensive period of one week can effectively impart substantial knowledge. We do not see a one-week timeline as a limiting opportunity, we in fact, believe in exhausting it in the maximum capacity possible.

This short time frame further allows us to explore unique
subjects keeping in the interest of time. Prague as a region has always been our best-selling focus point. Being in the centre of Europe, we naturally have the advantage of having the most scenic location. The experience at Prague Summer School therefore entails more than academia, it is able to capture a beautiful trip to the Crown Jewel of Europe. As a part of our program, we offer a wide range of day tours that seamlessly cover sightseeing and adventurous opportunities.

We have had some participants who attend Prague Summer Schools recurrently and we take a lot of pride in it.  The lecturers and professors we chase and sign come from the most renowned Universities across the globe and this helps our participants get the most celebrated education. 

It is perhaps interesting to note that our admission committee takes more than six months to plan the summer programmes ahead of time in order to make it the most exciting, convenient, and effective for potential participants. And once again, we are very thrilled to
have you this summer.