Be like a Local (Prague)

Are you looking forward to experiencing Prague with Prague Summer Schools but wish you could experience Prague like a local? Here are some tips...

1. Chill like a local. Old buildings are beautiful, but try something new – Prague Parks. Prague is a very green city, parks and gardens are its prerogative, there’s nothing better for locals than having a picnic in a garden right in the centre. But beware, locals like their peace and quiet, so be respectful everywhere.

2. What are the real souvenirs? Any local will tell you that Chimney cake (Trdelník) is not traditional, but it’s a good pastry, it doesn’t come from the Czech Republic at all, but from Hungary, and it’s been a tradition in Prague for about 15 years. Similarly, Absinthe is something locals occasionally have, but certainly not every day or every month, and certainly not in a supermarket straight from the bottle. If you want something truly Czech, have a beer, several beers! Beer is drunk from half-liter glasses and the staff automatically brings them to the table for everyone who doesn’t say enough. Also, don’t confuse Prague with Russia or Germany, wooden matryoshkas (dolls folded into each other), furry hats or costumes with braces are not from Prague. You’d better find a small artist, buy a wooden toy, or a special half-litre or litre beer glass.

3. Travel like a local. Tram, metro and walking is the best way to get around Prague. Some people have also started using bicycles lately, but Prague is very hilly, it just for fit people. What Prague residents don’t use are horse-drawn carriages, tour buses and electric scooters.

 4. Party like a local. Prague residents enjoy their free time in different ways, but most often in a pub for a beer or in the warm summer months by the river – on Střelecký Island in the middle of the river, where you can rent a small boat or listen to a concert, or on Náplavka, the promenade along the river Vltava, where there are many small bars or larger boat – bars.

5. Speak like a local. Let’s teach you some Czech words… “Ahoj” is a greeting for your friends, if you want to be polite and say Hi, Czech people use “Dobrý den”, which means nice day. If you happen to be in pub you can order your beer like this: “Dal bych si jedno pivo”, Czechs often have some favourite beer brand so instead of saying “pivo”- beer you can say “Kozel”, “Plzeň” “Smíchov” or many others.

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