Diary of Audrey: A French alumnus at Prague Summer School

While reminiscing about her experience at Prague Summer School, Audrey writes,...

“As a Jr. Sustainable Executive in the Packaging industry, when my manager told me that I need to learn about global trends in sustainability in order to grow in my career, I started looking for summer schools in Europe to widen my horizon. Luckily, a friend of mine participated in Prague Summer Schools in 2018 and she vouched for its curriculum, organising committee, and the overall experience, so this piqued my interest quickly. I was so convinced after looking into their relevant programme: Development, Sustainability, and Globalization on their website that I instantly applied. 

Cut to a few months later, the summer of 2022 turned out to be the most insightful and delightful endeavour of continuing education for me. I flew from Nice to Prague, the Prague Summer Schools team arranged a pick-up for me, checked me into a hotel in the most scenic neighbourhood, kick-started my journey with the fellow participants through an ice-breaking session and the days that followed curated unforgettable memories for me. My experience in that one wholesome week entailed global exposure where I met international students from 40+ nationalities, attended lectures delivered by world-class professionals, and I was able to look at Sustainability from a refreshed perspective. 

What excites me the most is the part where I was able to grow beyond academic or professional learnings, as this experience at Prague Summer School helped me gather a new perspective as an individual. As a 24 year old, I travelled solo for the first time, especially to another country. As an overseas solo traveller, I got a chance to explore Prague, the “crown jewel” of Europe independently, met some like-minded people, and derived a larger than life experience. With my enhanced confidence, added qualification, and learned experience, I am elated to say that I grew as a working professional, was able to push forward my potential at work, and I was given a promotion within three months of resuming.”

We are thrilled to receive such entries where more students like Audrey felt that this summer school experience in Europe added value to their work competency, nurtured life philosophy, and made it extraordinary for them. 

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